rime of the ancient middle-aged knitter

Projects Projects every where nor any a pic to show. Sorry Coleridge.

I’ve been working on a lot of pretty unbloggable stuff lately. I’ve started the Irtfa’a lace shawl for my dad’s partner Pam for their wedding – so far I’ve spent hours on it and there’s barely anything to show and what there is looks like the cat got a hold of it – such is the joy of unblocked lace knitting! I’m using white Baruffa Cashwool, the only thing I could afford/get hold of in the massive quantity required (although it’s actually quite nice yarn) – the plan is to dye it to match her dress when she knows what she’s wearing (and when the wedding is!).

My ‘take along to Knit Club’ project is the Seaweed Socks from Wendy Knits (free pattern pdf here). I’ve done one and am halfway through the second – trying to leave it for Knit Club only though!


It's more purple than this IRL - hard to capture the colour!

I’m using Dream in Color Smooshy (my favourite sock yarn ever) in Purple Paisley. It is gorgeously purple but there are other colours in there too – I wish I knew how they dyed their yarn! I’ve heard they use a technique they invented called ‘veil dyeing’ but I have no idea how that works. I feel a dyepot experimentation session coming on…

I can’t tell you about the awesome baby stuff I’m knitting. Or the fabulously gorgeous sock yarn I’ve just dyed.

I’ve started the Daybreak Shawl but as yet there’s not really enough to take a pic of! I like the shape of this shawl because it’s shallow and long rather than all pointy, like a cross between a shawl and a scarf.

The pattern includes lots of M1Ls and M1Rs and they caused me a real headache – for some reason about 50% of them created holes, but not the other 50%, and I couldn’t work out why. I frogged and started again and have just been using KFB at the edges and M1Ls (which I find much easier) fo the rest and it looks fiiine. There’s some stuff on increases here if you’re really dying to read more.

I’m using dark purple cashsoft 4 ply left over from some gloves I made my sis a while back, and some pink/green/purple variegated cherry tree hill sock yarn. So I’m destashing too!

That’s about it really! Am taking a well-deserved break from the spinning so no news there.  More pics will follow no doubt once a certain couple of upcoming birthdays are out of the way!

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