bunnies are evil

18 07 2009

One of the challenges I set myself for this Tour de Fleece was to spin up some gorgeous white merino/angora blend I’d got ages ago – I didn’t feel skilled enough to spin something so amazingly fine and soft at the time I got it, and it’s been marinating in the stash for nearly a year.

I was so looking forward to spinning this luxuriously soft fluff, I decided to spin a heavy laceweight with it and knit something really special.

I’m not really allergic to anything much but I do get a slight itchy rash because of hayfever sometimes, so when my hands started to feel itchy & sore that’s what I put it down to. However after a bit longer they started to feel properly painful, like ant bites or bad sunburn or something and I realised I must be allergic to the bunnies! Anya was right!

So I regretfully stopped with the bunnies (the worst of the itching stopped when I stopped spinning but I still had to have a shower to cool down the soreness!). I have found a new home for the bunny fibre so it’ll still get used, at least.

So innocent looking, yet so evil...

So innocent looking, yet so evil...

So – onwards… I started spinning up some CMF Corriedale pencil roving in ‘Eire’ (green, unsuprisingly). I wanted to make a 3ply sock weight yarn. I’ve finished it now but it’s drying so the only pics for now are of the first 2 bobbins – I’m very pleased with it!


More pics when it’s done!

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2 responses

18 07 2009

wow your Corriedale is beautiful !! I didn’t know you could be allergic to bunnies…It’s a shame, so soft..

20 07 2009

thanks! yeah am a bit gutted about the bunny thing, the fibre’s gorgeous!

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