tour de fleece ’09 – my first batts

16 07 2009

The last couple of evenings I’ve been spinning yarn from my very own handmade batts, made on Peri and Annie‘s drumcarders (don’t yet have my own, despite wishing for one on a regular basis. Wishing alone doesn’t seem to do it though, who knew?). I made the paler duck egg blue ones first, then the greeny ones a month or so later, using leftovers from the first plus some darker greens. I haven’t got very good pics of the batts, as the colours are so hard to photograph without looking a bit washed out.


115g homemade batts: merino, alpaca, silk - 273m - 2ply - sport/dk weight


Duck egg - 90g homemade batts: merino, alpaca, silk - 165m - 2ply - sport/dk

These colours are just so lovely and watery and gently greeny, I love them, and I love the way they go together. So far they’re placing the rest of my Tour de Fleece in jeopardy by making me want to knit them!  I’ll definitely use them together in a project, am just not sure what. There’s a total of 438m – I wonder if that’s enough for another Swallowtail… or maybe I’ll be brave and design something of my own!

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3 responses

16 07 2009

Yummy yummy yummy

16 07 2009

What Annie says! Swallowtail takes about 440 yards, so you should have plenty of yarn there (or you can always give it all to me, of course). Ha!

20 07 2009

ooh maybe I will try a swallowtail then, should just have enough… I almost feel there are so many nice patterns out there I shouldn’t do one twice hehe.

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